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Product: Blue-Green Algae

Company: Albi

Size: 180 Tablets

Ingredients: Pure Blue-Green Algae 1000mg.

Dosage: Take one to three tablets per day.

Contains no fillers, additives, animal products, wheat, yeast, sugar, salt, starch or gluten.

Description: Purity, potency and digestibility makes Albi's Blue-Green Algae the finest complete whole food concentrate ever produced. It has 60% protein and because of its natural, soft cell wall, it allows up to 95% assimilation without any mechanical processing.

Super Blue-Green algae:

  • is very potent ( 1000mg per tablet )
  • contains all the essential amino acids
  • is rich in Beta Carotene
  • contains all B vitamins, especially B12
  • is one of the highest sources of chlorophyll

The Health Benefits of Blue-Gren Algae

The health benefits of blue-green algae are related to its high contents of Beta-carotene, Vitamin B12, Chlorophyll and immune stimulating polysaccharides. Blue-green algae contains approximately 1700 mg/kg of Beta-carotene. It works together with Vitamin A to play an important role in vision and maintaining the epithelial tissue lining the body and internal organs. Beta-carotene is also essential for the proper growth of soft tissues and is necessary for light sensitive pigments in the eye that makes night vision possible. Because of its potent immune stimulating properties, Beta-carotene is also often recommended for colds, flus and other infections.

Blue-green algae contains 2000mg/kg of Vitamin B12, which is necessary for maintaining the efficient production of red blood cells and the health of the nervous system. Vitamin B12, usually found in meat and dairy products, is uncommonly found in plants. A deficiency of B12 can lead to anemia, which is often corrected through supplementation. Blue-green algae is an excellent source of this vitamin, especially for vegetarians.

Blue-green algae contains approximately 2-3% chlorophyll. By contrast, Alfalfa, one of the highest chlorophyll containing plants, contains less than 1% chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is a pigment that gives many plants their characteristic green color. Chlorophyll derivatives are applied topically to deodorize skin lesions and administered orally to diminish bad breath, belching and flatulence. In addition, chlorophyll derivatives are used orally to deodorize ulcerative lesions in the urine and feces.

Blue-green algae has demonstrated immune stimulating activity, and is relatively nontoxic. Due to its high amino acid and chorophyll content, blue-green algae is also capable of binding to toxic metals including cadmium and PCB's in the system and ridding the body of them. This important capability is deemed by many as essential in the effort to achieve individual optimum health.

Blue-green algae is a relatively simple plant that grows only in water or in very moist environments on land. Blue-green algae is believed to be over 2.3 billion years old and most botanists agree that it was from this algae that higher land plants developed. Blue-green algae is found abundantly throughout the world, commonly in freshwater ponds and lakes.

Many cultures around the globe, such as Mexico, include blue-green algae as an essential part of their daily diets. In Japan, blue-green algae is frequently included in salads, sushi, and stirfry dishes, and is widely used for its health benefits also.

Blue-green algae's preparations are often used for stress, bad breath, flatulence, low blood sugar, indigestion, appetite suppression to aid in weight loss, enhanced athletic performance and immune stengthening effects.


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