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Product: Wobenzym N

Company: Heel

Size: 200 Tablets

Ingredients: Pancreatin 100mg, Papain 60mg, Rutoside 50mg, Bromelain 45mg, Trypsin 24mg, Chymotrypsin 1mg.

Dosage: As a digestive aid, take two tablets one hour to half an hour before meals or as directed by a health professional.


Wobenzym N Lends A Helping Hand

  • When joints are inflamed and painful.
    Wobenzym N re-establishes joint mobility. If osteoarthritis flares up, it does not inhibit inflammation, but in fact accelerates its course - so that pain subsides more quickly.

  • When the circulation momentarily fails in generalized arteriosclerosis.
    Wobenzym N improves the flow properties of the blood by reducing higher blood lipid levels. Typical symptoms of generalized arteriosclerosis such as a cold feeling and paraesthesia ( tingling ) in the legs can therefore be attenuated.

  • When viruses and bacteria attack ( respiratory tract infections ).
    Wobenzym N combats diseases of the respiratory tract. It reinforces the tonsils and helps the bronchia repel invading microbes - so that the affected person can return to health quicker. Sticky mucus is made more fluid and can be coughed out more easily.

  • When sports and everyday life cause injuries.
    Wobenzym N is truly a balm for all injuries. It allows the swelling to fade away more quickly and the skin to heal more rapidly, thereby reducing pain.

  • When muscles are painful and tendons inflamed ( soft tissue rheumatism ).
    Wobenzym N is highly effective against pathological modifications in muscles and tendons, connective and adipose tissue - from muscle-bound shoulder to tennis elbow.

  • When the legs get tired.
    Wobenzym N allows many people to get through their life more easily. It is highly effective in varicose veins, reduces the swelling and improves functional, non-organic circulatory disturbances.

Important Questions About Wobenzym N

Why is one tablet not enough?
Wobenzym N is not like synthetic medication: enzymes are highly sensitive, natural compounds. In order to keep them active over months, every single molecule has to be specially "packed". That requires a great deal of space. In addition, enzyme molecules are up to one hundred times larger than other active ingredients. One single tablet does not contain a large amount of enzymes.

Can the dose be increased?
That is even sometimes desirable. Under normal conditions, you should take two tablets three times daily. That is a maintenance dose which provides your body with the necessary enzymes. With major symptoms, the body sometimes requires more. Without worrying about side effects, you can boost your immune system and its defence potential with a dose three times higher than the maintenance dose. In sport injuries, an intensive treatment is recommended at the outset: twenty or more tablets daily.

Why does Wobenzym N not work from one day to the next?
That is due to its mechanism of action. The strong point of Wobenzym N is that it does not "stifle" by simply suppressing symptoms. With Wobenzym N, symptoms regress when their cause has been successfully treated. Wobenzym N therefore does not simulate healing, Wobenzym promotes healing.

Why may the symptoms initially appear to get worse?
In chronic diseases, this type of initial worsening of symptoms is typical of many natural healing methods. It shows that the correct path has been chosen and that the enzymes are working. Wobenzym N releases pathogenic immune complexes from the tissue. These complexes remain present in increased numbers in the blood and may temporarily heighten symptoms until the defence system has disposed of these pathogenic complexes.

Is Wobenzym N effective against pain?
Yes and no. Wobenzym N is not a pain reliever, since it does not suppress pain receptivity. And yet, it alleviates pain after a given time. This is most likely, because enzymes break up tissue hormones, which perpetuate the inflammatory reaction and which attack precisely those cell structures, which are responsible for pain ( pain receptors ). In addition, Wobenzym N breaks down protein molecules that have leaked out into the tissue: the swelling regresses and causes less pressure on the pain receptor structures.

Can Wobenzym N be taken over a longer time?
That is sometimes even to be recommended, especially in chronic diseases. Long-term treatment can also be undertaken without worry: no side effects are expected to occur, even under long-term treatment.

Can fresh fruit meet the enzyme requirement?
No, since fruit does not contain enough enzymes. Besides, the enzymes are broken down in the stomach and are therefore ineffective. Wobenzym N is specially coated ( enteric film-coated ), so that stomach acids are unable to attack it ( given that the tablets are swallowed whole, without chewing ). The enzymes in Wobenzym N are thus able to reach the intestines without being harmed. There, they are absorbed into the body.

Will enzymes help me to stay slim?
No. Enzymes do not reduce the appetite or increase the metabolic rate, and hence the caloric consumption.


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